Castlerock HOA

Please be patient as we are working on getting our neighborhood back in shape.

Seasonal Reminders

 Delayed Pool Opening:

There has been extensive damage to the pool house, fence surrounding the pool, and pool area.  The pool will be delayed in opening until we have an estimated date of repairs.  Currently the pool is being re-plastered, but even that is going slow because of the continued rain. 

We are working on bids/repairs for the roof, pool building repairs, pillars at the pool, fence at the pool, and fence on 36th Street including the toppled brick pillars and stump removal.  We have contractors lined up on some of these issues, but again there is a lot to do and weather is a problem for us all. 

Storm Clean-Up:

Clean-up from the storm of the common areas has begun.  An initial clean-up crew went out after the Wednesday storm and got the biggest trees moved out of the way, etc.  Now that we had another round on Friday night, we are working on cleaning up again today.  We are working on getting our neighborhood back to normal.  Pleae be patient with us. 

Storm debris removal will be begin May 13.  Keep vegetative debris separated from construction and demolition debris, as they will be collected separately.  Construction and demolition debris (C&D) includes building materials such as lumber, roof shingles, wooden fences, glass, metal products, such as storage buildings and play equipment as well as lawn furniture.  The vegetative debris and C&D may not be picked up from the right-of-way at the same time.  The two different types of debris will be picked up by different trucks and will be disposed of in different ways.


Start Spring off on the right track. Let's keep our neighborhood looking great!

1.  Keep lawns mowed, edged, and free of weeds. 

2.  Keep flowerbeds free of weeds and dead growth.

3.  Put emptied trash and recycling containers out of street view.


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