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Our entrances are getting ready for the holidays! Let's light up the neighborhood together!

Current Events, Updates, and Reminders

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Yearly dues are now past due (4/1/2020). Payment can be made both by mail to PO Box 720637 Norman, Oklahoma 73070 and online at (convenience fee applies for online payment).  Please be sure to pay your dues as soon as possible to prevent accrued interest and your property falling delinquent.  Contact Aria at 701-8881 for more information.  


October Ice Storm Debris Removal: Update 11/7 via the City of Norman:

The City of Norman storm debris contractor began the first pass of storm debris removal on Monday with an expected completion of December 6. A second pass is anticipated to begin on December 7.

Currently, trucks are focused in the most heavily hit area of the city in Wards 2 and 4. As more trucks arrive in the next week, operations will expand to cover Wards 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Residents will be notified of pick up at their residence via a door hanger placed at their home one day in advance of debris removal. Locate your Ward on this interactive map.

Residents will also have the opportunity to drop off their storm debris on Saturday, November 14 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Griffin Park, located at 1001 E Robinson St. Proof of residence is required and commercial debris will not be accepted.

Those participating in curbside debris removal are reminded:

• Only debris placed on the public right-of-way will be eligible for collection. Do not place debris in alleys for collection.

• Do not place debris near mail boxes, poly carts, water meter vaults, gas meters, fire hydrants or any other above-ground utility.

• Residents should make every effort to place debris along the public street rights-of-way. This should include vegetative and debris only. This material should be cut in approximately 8- foot to 12-foot lengths and stacked in piles along the right-of-way or within five feet of the curb or edge of roadway. Do not bag these items.


Holiday lights: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Castlerock! Our neighborhood entrances are getting ready for the holidays. (11/28: We have been made aware of the outage at Buckingham and are working with our electrician to get it corrected.) We look forward to seeing everyone’s decorated homes and holiday lights!


Annual Neighborhood HOA Meeting:

Thank you to all that attended our Annual Meeting 9/17/2020 in person, by proxy vote, and by Zoom meeting. We enjoyed hearing from everyone and were excited to share the improvements that have been made  and the projects that are underway to futher improve our neighborhood! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the meeting or general neighborhood questions, please email . 


Yard Maintenance/Upkeep:  We have received many complaints regarding lawns and landscapes in desperate need of weed treatment and control. Please be sure to treat weeds, keep lawns maintained, and keep landscapes neat and free of debris to keep our neighborhood beautiful.

Please attempt to keep vehicles from being parked in the street for extended periods of time and be mindful of vehicles blocking the sidewalk paths. 


Neighborhood Pool: 

Update 9/28/2020 : The pool is closed for the season. Thank you for another wonderful Summer!


Please abide by all rules and hours so that the pool can be enjoyed by all. Reminder that appropriate swimwear is required and glass bottles and containers are prohibited.


Contact Aria at (405) 701-8881 if you have lost, misplaced, or are in need of a pool key card.


Castlerock Ponds:

Update 4/21/2020: The Board was made aware of the maintenance concerns regarding the small pond off 36th and Buckingham. The pond is currently undergoing treatment for algae reduction due to the warm winter and will have the fountain motor rebuilt as the algae subsides.  

We are actively working to complete bids and work towards a long term solution regarding the deteriorating timbers of the retaining wall along the lake. Thank you to those on our Timber Project Committee for your time and efforts. Castlerock Homeowners that back up to the lake will be receiving a letter within the upcoming weeks regarding this matter.


Rental Property Grandfathering:

The deadline for submitting documents for rental property grandfathering has ended. Contact Aria with any questions or for more information.

In September 2018, Castlerock homeowners approved an Amendment to the Covenants stating that all lots shall be owner-occupied, by the owner or a direct family member who occupies the home without payment of rent.  Certain exceptions are given for hardships and are detailed in the Amendment.  Lots that were rented or leased at the time of the recording of the vote were grandfathered, provided that the property owners filed their Request as described in the paperwork distributed at the time of the vote.  That grandfathered status will expire at the time the property title is transferred to another owner.


To contact the Castlerock HOA, please call Aria Real Estate Group 405-701-8881 or email 

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