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Like us on Facebook! Stay informed and connected with our community at @CastlerockNeighborhood. Please help spread the word and invite other neighbors on your friends list so we can improve our social media page! Pool closures and maintenance will be posted on Facebook! 


Thank you for attending the Annual HOA Meeting on September 28th, 2023 at Redeemer Chuch. See everyone next year!


Important: Planned Storage Facilty Near Castlerock

A developer is in the process of rezoning a property to build a self-storage facility. There are 20 Castlerock properties that back up directly to the proposed storage facility location, and 61 properties that are within a 350 ft radius.

* Annual HOA dues: 2024 Annual Homeowners dues ($311) are due April 1st, 2024.  If payment is not received, it is considered past due and late fees and interest will be applied. You can pay by mail to PO box 720637, Norman, OK 73070 or online at (convenience fees apply). If you have not received an email invite from ComWeb, email to request an invite. Please make checks payable to Castlerock HOA. In-person option at 3110 N. Interstate Drive, Ste 120.


Roof Repair: 

If you have to replace your roof due to spring hail damage, please remember that our neighborhood covenants require roofing to be Timberline Weathered Wood – or the equivalent. All Castlerock homes’ shingles must be gray in color and at least a 30 year shingle. 

Please be sure to inform roofers or insurance in advance.  If you are replacing siding, a garage door, or gutters, the color must be the original match. If wanting to update the paint color, an approval MUST be received from the ACC first. The ACC request form can be found here:


Homes for Sale: 

Homeowners, if you are listing your home it is your responsibility to inform your realtor (or potential buyers if for sale by owner) that Castlerock is an owner occupied neighborhood. Renting or leasing for profit is prohibited.


Buyers, Castlerock is a HOA community. It is your responsibility to read through bylaws and covenants that should have been signed during closing. You can find all neighbor guidelines, bylaws, and covenants on the website as well. 


Yard Maintenance/Upkeep:  

We have received many complaints regarding lawns and landscapes in desperate need of weed treatment and control as well as vehicle violations. Please be sure to treat weeds, keep lawns maintained, and keep landscapes neat and free of debris to keep our neighborhood beautiful. Please attempt to keep vehicles from being parked in the street for extended periods of time and be mindful of vehicles blocking the sidewalk paths. The overnight parking of boats, RVs, and trailers is prohibited without temporary permission from Aria. Please keep trash and recycling receptacles hidden from view between trash days.


If you need to voice concerns or report a violation, please contact and provide the home address, description of the violation/ concern, and a photo for review.


Neighborhood Pool: 

The Castlerock pool will officially open on May 27th! We hope everyone enjoys a great swim season!

Be sure you are connected with our neighborhood Facebook page for updates and information regarding closures and maintenance! 


Contact Aria at (405) 701-8881 if you have lost, misplaced, or are in need of a pool key card. Please abide by all rules and hours so that the pool can be enjoyed by all.


Security cameras are in place at the pool. No lifeguards are on duty, swim at your own risk. No smoking or alcoholic beverages within the gated area at any time. Running, rough play, or piggy-backing is not allowed within the gated area. Abusive or profane language is not permitted.

Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at least 18 years of age. NO DIVING. Eating or drinking is not allowed in the pool. Glass containers are not allowed anywhere within the gated area. Proper swimwear is required. The Health Department mandates that babies and toddlers must wear swim diapers.


Pool Hours:

Monday 1pm-9 pm

Tuesday through Sunday 10am-9pm, Adult Swim 6am-8am


Holiday Decor: 

We'd like to remind homeowners of the -30/+30 suggestion for holiday decor (Holiday decor put up within 30 days of the holiday/season and removed within 30 days following).  


Neighborhood HOA Meeting:

The Castlerock Annual Meeting was on September 28th at Redeemer Church on Cascade Blvd. We will meet again in September of 2024. Please plan to attend each year, if possible, as the Covenants require a quorum for the HOA to be able to conduct necessary business. There will be fun door prize drawings, an election to fill vacancies on the board, and some other annually required business.

Castlerock Ponds:

Castlerock has two ponds, and employs a company to do routine maintenance on both ponds. The ponds have aerators which run on timers, at different times depending on the oxygen quality of the water.

Aeration is key in the summer months to keep dissolved oxygen available for fish with warm temperatures. In the winter, aeration keeps oxygen levels up so harmful gases do not get trapped below the ice.


Please do not feed the geese and other waterfowl at the pond. It has negative ecological, environmental, and social consequences. Feeding can result in large concentrations of birds, aggressive behavior from the geese, delayed migrations, spread of disease, and reduced water quality, among other issues. 


Construction on the new retaining wall  and removal of the rotted and fallen railroad ties around the main pond is complete. This big project provides a long term solution regarding the deteriorated timbers of the retaining wall along the lake. Thank you to those on our Timber Project Committee for your time and efforts- as well as the homeowners that back up to the wall for your support and patience.


Rental Property Grandfathering:

The deadline for submitting documents for rental property grandfathering has ended. Contact Aria with any questions or for more information.


In September 2018, Castlerock homeowners approved an Amendment to the Covenants stating that all lots shall be owner-occupied, by the owner or a direct family member who occupies the home without payment of rent.  Certain exceptions are given for hardships and are detailed in the Amendment.  Lots that were rented or leased at the time of the recording of the vote were grandfathered, provided that the property owners filed their Request as described in the paperwork distributed at the time of the vote.  That grandfathered status will expire at the time the property title is transferred to another owner.


To contact the Castlerock HOA, please call Aria Real Estate Group 405-701-8881 or email 



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