Castlerock HOA

Fall Clean-Up Day is here again, Saturday, October 6! Put it out by the curb by 7:30 AM

Current Issues and Reminders

Lost DogReyna, a black and white 15 yr old female Chihuahua needs to be found.  Please call Ryan O'Neill, 405-990-8162, or Dana O'Neill, 405-990-8661 if found or seen.

Fall Clean-Up
:  Monday, October 6, is our Fall Clean-Up day for Castlerock.  Items that are normally not placed with household trash will be accepted, such as: couches, mattresses, refrigerators and air conditioners (the Freon must be removed), etc. Items that will not be picked up include: construction debris, yard waste, tree limbs, brush. No hazardous chemicals such as: paints, freon, pesticides, herbicides, etc.


Canadian Geese.  The Board is aware of the problems with the Canadian geese and have done extensive research on it. It will be extremely expensive and would likely require an additional assessment of all homeowners.? It would also require 2/3 vote of all homeowners before any company would be willing to even take on the work.


To contact the Castlerock HOA, please call Aria Real Estate Group, 701-8881, or by email at

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