Castlerock HOA

Reminder: HOA dues are PAST DUE! Please submit payment as soon as possible!

Current Issues and Reminders

Like us on Facebook! Stay informed and connected with our community at @CastlerockNeighborhood. Please help spread the word and invite other neighbors on your friends list so we can improve our social media page! 


Rental Property Grandfathering: The deadline for submitting documents for rental property grandfathering has ended. Contact Aria with any questions or for more information.


Yard Maintenance/Upkeep:  Spring has officially sprung! We have received many complaints regarding lawns and landscapes. Please be sure to treat weeds, keep lawns maintained, and keep landscapes neat and free of debris to keep our neighborhood beautiful.


Neighborhood Pool: 

Updated 6/14/2019:

Get your towels, sunscreen, and pool keys ready! Friday, June 21st will be the official opening date of the pool season.

Final water treatments and testing will occur next week.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for your patience during this process and cannot wait to enjoy our re-plastered pool for many summers to come!

Be sure you are connected with our neighborhood Facebook page, @CastlerockNeighborhood , as well as the Nextdoor app, for more updates and information as we will open sooner if given the okay! :)


Contact Aria at (405) 701-8881 if you have lost, misplaced, or are in need of a pool key card.



To contact the Castlerock HOA, please call Aria Real Estate Group, 701-8881, or by email at

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